Friday, June 7, 2013


Early mornings here are usually spent with a first cup of coffee and a few favorite blogs. A quiet and slow start to a day that will most definitely get a bit chaotic later... almost always a good chaos but it's that quiet start I cherish. 

This morning, with coffee in hand, I sat reading The Purl Bee and knew I had to make the Heirloom Needle Case from today's post. Linen, wool felt, scraps of twill from a little man's birthday banner....I had everything I needed. I love projects that use what I already have. It is so gratifying to have a new something finished an hour after inspiration strikes. 

This little case came together quickly, easily and is just so sweet. Another has already been promised because ten-year-olds need their own apparently (of course, they do!) and I think I will use two pieces of twill so it can be tied with a bow.

Crafty mornings....what could be better?

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