Friday, March 29, 2013

full moon...

Wednesday was my birthday. It was also a full moon. I like that in a poetic sort of way. It's like my birthday had just a little bit more magic to it. And it was kind of a magical day... very peaceful, which is probably the best gift of all. 

I didn't actually get to see this birthday full moon though, as it was completely obscured by very thick clouds. Not the kind that produce rain, mind you, because that apparently doesn't happen here.


I did find this picture though. I took this near my birthday two years ago... almost to the day of finding out we were moving here. I can just about promise you this picture was taken through tears. I didn't handle that news very well. I loved living there, I loved my life there. I mean, just look at that view! 

But, I can look at this now without the same sense of... loss, as dramatic as that sounds. I still don't necessarily feel at home here but I don't look back (anymore) with the same sense of angst. 

Progress and acceptance, indeed, take very baby steps.

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