Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Most of the time, putting things back in their place as the day winds down is a quick, automatic and distracted chore that is done rather mindlessly. There are too many things to do and somehow that time of the evening gets more than a little chaotic.
But then other times, like tonight, I am stopped in my tracks by the scene I'm setting right. Because sometimes I feel like I've stumbled upon something a bit magical and a little....sacred. Because the play that was happening here was special to the little hands that set this up. I can just imagine this little bunny asking to look out the window. I can almost hear the whispers back and forth between friends that communicate in a way I remember, but can barely hear anymore.

This little scene just makes me a wistful, bittersweet sort of way that I really can't explain. And that little bunny sits there still...even after his friend had dinner and played with her older brother and sister and is now curled up in bed, sleeping. He'll be there in the morning, just in case the magic holds in daylight and she comes back for him. Maybe then I'll be lucky enough, or I'll pay attention enough, to catch a glimpse of their day together...maybe I'll get to hear what they talk about.

I hope so.