Monday, April 22, 2013

this age...

Oh, this age.

I love it dearly. Everything is new. This age, when they aren't babies anymore (although this mama has a hard time letting go of that stage) and they are so excited about everything they learn. Every book is a favorite and I think that's my favorite part.

I can (and have) read the same books over and over...knowing that this stage of monotonous recitation of the same story for a month or more is actually a first step to reading, and seeing that process again feels like a privilege.

I love watching how children learn. It is so seamless, almost effortless and a beautiful thing to observe. I love how early and distinctly their own interests emerge. This one here, right now she is all about monkeys and a clever little witch named Lizzy.

"Read me the Lizzy book, mama."

"Ok, little one, we'll read it again..."

"...and again."

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