Monday, April 29, 2013



The dramatic, thunder and lighting, "feels like mid-summer" kind.  I have to admit the severe lack of rain around here is very disconcerting. It makes me tense. It makes me pine away that much more for the seasons I constantly long for. It makes me wonder how anything survives. 

But felt just right. The long drawn out early thunder that heralds a storm. The darkness that makes noon feel like twilight. And then the rain and wind and with them a sense of "ahhhhhhh." 

I cherish these days that set things right. They feel familiar and balancing. Restorative. 

This weekend we got rain. 

And I got so much more. 


  1. Rain in your neck of the woods is a rare gift indeed! So glad it was restorative, things survive because they adapted to their environment and were able to flourish; you will too<3