Monday, May 13, 2013


There is a stack of books always close by, the ones that never seem to find their way back to the shelf, and this one is usually close to the top. It has lovely words, beautiful artwork and it gets read quite a bit lately. No matter how many times I read it though, I am always struck by the last page...the last line.

Something about that line resonates with the very core of this mama's heart. I could sit here all night and try to explain why but I don't think the words would come. This simple, lyrical sentence captures who I am, what I do here, my place in this little family of mine better than I seem to be able to. 

"Magic" and "home" will overlap for me again one day...but until then, I know that I am what make these words overlap for my children. Here and now. And when I forget that I only need to pull a sweet little three-year-old into my lap and read this book to her.

There is a lot going on in my head...and heart...this Mother's Day. About the kind of mother I want to be, about a mother gone that leaves me feeling broken, about how to carry all of that around in a place that still won't whisper the word "home" to me.  

But there might just be some magic in there, too.

 I hope so. 

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