Friday, May 10, 2013


I am just now coming to fully understand something I've intuitively felt my entire life. Making things, touching fabric, having something in my hands...all of this is vital for me. So grounding, centering and just...crucial. 

I have, at times, felt like my "hobbies" were expendable. Until now. Feeling so out of place and out of sorts here has certainly cleared up that misconception. I look back over this time and find it dotted with moments of peace as I sew something, knit something...create anything.

Lately, when inspiration and energy seem to be in such short supply, I've still tried to make time to just pull some fabric and see what happens.

This time I made these. So easy and the perfect use for the scraps of linen I used as the lining. Lots of little toys find their way to this space and these fabric buckets are just right for collecting them all. 

For the longest time I've tried to find peace...for now I've found a little corner of it right here. 


  1. Your buckets turned out great.
    I am making Maya's bin pattern from her book right now. Love it!
    I also love how those little moments add up until you have something you have made sitting right in front of you!

    1. Thank you, Dawn. They were so much fun to make. Maya's book is definitely on my list!
      And I am so glad you stopped by here because now I've found your beautiful blog. Oh my goodness, how have I missed it until now? ~xo.